Connecting Graduates with Employers
Southern Careers Institute

Content Management System Info Architecture Responsive Design Web Development



‘Connect’ is a web application I designed and built to match co-op student and graduates with employers based verifiable skills and academic achievements.

Information Architecture

Searching for students and graduates is fast and efficient. Student profiles are first divided into three buckets based on their schooling status. Front-end forms allow employers to find profiles quickly by using location, employment status, and skills to filter through potential candidates.

Integrated Content Management System

Profiles are automatically created from the Student Information System, and a front-end form allows students to provide more detail and access privacy settings. This greatly streamlines the management of student profiles. Back-end forms gives the administrators the ability to assign skills and achievements to students, and curate user submitted content.


’Connect’ re-defined the business processes of the Career Service department, significantly reducing manual tasks for staff, improving efficiency of employer matches, and increasing student satisfaction.