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Toronto General Hospital

Info Architecture Mobile UX


The Opportunity

The Centre for Innovation in Complex Care at Toronto General Hospital was investigating how to improve communication and knowledge transfer between clinicians in an environment with frequent staff turnover.

Working with researcher on the subject, I was brought in as a UI/UX designer along with a small engineering team to develop a mobile application that could alleviate this problem.

UI / UX Design

Based on data collected through interviews and surveys with front-line staff and management, as well as analyzing current processes for coordinated clinical activities, I iteratively designed a mobile UI/UX that reduced the amount of searching needed to connect clinicians with one another.

Once logged in, the user is presented with a personalized home screen based on their role. Finding the appropriate staff member is simply a question of relationship to the user. The app visually represents how nursing teams, patients, medical teams, units, and individual staff are all related to one another, so users can find the appropriate person to initiate contact with — fast. Once they know the right person to look for, the app present various methods to get in contact (avoiding the use of overhead PA systems).

iOS & iBeacon

After deciding to develop the application for iOS, we were also able to take advantage of Apple’s new iBeacon technology which allowed us to deliver contextually relevant information to users based on their proximity to patient rooms and other staff members. Furthermore, it allowed us to collect data on interactions between staff, and gave us an opportunity to help users keep track of people they meet to bolster familiarity between colleagues.


Staff and management both had positive experiences with the application, and research showed it improved recognition between staff members. Usability tests were positive among our target user groups.