Global Research Institute

Establishing a global research institute
Princess Margaret Hospital

Content Management System Info Architecture Responsive Design


The Opportunity

GIPPEC is a newly formed research institute at Princess Margaret Hospital with the goal to establish themselves within the global research community in their field.

Faced with this challenge, I worked with stakeholders to design and build a content management system to disseminate research, and connect with the broader community through events and opportunities.

Designing an Information Architecture

The first challenge was to design a navigation scheme for such a diverse range of content. This was accomplished by implementing a shallow navigation structure, applying rich metadata to content, and defining relations between content types. This helped to facilitate information browsing and searching for users, and simplified content management for administrators. 

Second, I had to consider how to tailor the system for internal users in order to manage the information being generated by event registrations and grant/research applications. To address these points, I developed a process for administrators to filter and sort through registrants.

Content Managment System & Responsive Design

By the project's end, I implemented a content management system and developed fully responsive front-end templates to handle the diverse range of content including: news, people, research, projects, events, opportunities, grant applications, and events registration.


The final product was successfully launched to the public in the spring, and content creators and administrators have been ecstatic with the result. The institute has already begun accepting online applications for faculty and research positions, and organizing events with the help of events registration and management.