Sweet Ride

Improving the city cycling experience
City of Toronto

Mobile UX


The Concept

SweetRide is an application concept designed help the cities bike path and road road quality by aggregating motion data from cyclist smartphones. By using the app, cyclists can find bike routes based on their personal preferences such as, avoiding roads with excessive potholes and bumps, maximize dedicated bike lanes and pathways, and minimize routes with streetcar tracks.

Design Process 

I developed the concept for SweetRide along with other members of team into the product design and prototyping phase. After pitching the idea to the City of Toronto, we began the process of designing features and developing a mobile user interface using a user-centered methodology. During the process we built user profiles, scenarios, personas, interviewed potential users, and conducted usability testing. 


Users loved our prototypes and we incorporated their feedback as well as the results from our usability tests in our final prototpyes. Our team was invited to present the our final design to the City of Toronto.